Industry 4.0 and Construction 4.0 meet… in a modern façade

Due to its low level of innovation, the construction sector has failed to become part of Industry 4.0. This is officially recognized by the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC).

FIEC said in 2016 that Construction 4.0 corresponds to Industry 4.0 in the construction sector, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the construction industry means the digitization of the entire sector. BIM is the basic, but not the only, method to implement this.

It has been 6 years since the Industry 4.0 phenomenon was first recognized and defined in Germany, and Construction 4.0 counts for the third year. Technological advances in industry and construction continue to be so uneven that we cannot have the hope that Construction 4.0 will become part of Industry 4.0.

But there are cases – not only somewhere in the world, but also in Lithuania, where Construction 4.0 is on par with Industry 4.0.

Such projects are being developed and implemented by Staticus, a facade design, production and installation company, that uses SOLIDWORKS to support BIM software.

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